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Besides producing of high quality drums we are also servicing instruments. We repair, improve, tune, renovate, remake variuos kinds of drums, both those we produced ourselves, and from other producers.

Below, we present a range of services we offer. If you need some other specific repair, please contact us, and we’ll estimate wether it’s possible to be done.





We are using Strings of the highest quality, made of plastic or kevlar. They are characterised by high durability and minimal coefficient of extensibility.

– Replacement of strings
– Tuning (tensioning)
– Replacement of metal, helical tension by string tension
– Replacement/repairing of hoops




We offer raw kip-skin, cow skin and goat skin, of the highest quality.

– replacement of leather membrane
– Cleaning and preservation
– Raw leathers
– Preparation for tensioning
– tanning




In order to repair cracked trunks we use special tools, which enables us to mend damaged drums professionally.

– Leg gluing
– Goblet gluing
– Filling-in wood losses and defects
– Painting
– Cleaning and conservation