Artists playing our instruments:


                                  Nippy Noya   




We are pleased to introduce a new , wonderful artist

playing on our congas - Nippy Noya !





Hakim Ludin

He performed, among others, with bass player Jonas Hellborg(John McLaughlin) and drummers- terry Bozzio(Frank Zappa), Alex Acuna (Weather Report) and Luise Conte (yellow jacket). He appeared on many renown music festivals:
· Rhythm Sticks, London Royal Festival Hall 2003
· Documenta 11, Kassel 2002
· Int. Percussion-Festival, Warschau Polen 2002
· Journeés de la Percussion, Paris 2001
· PASIC European Meeting, Sofia 2000
· Jazz Festival, Jyväskylä Finnland 1999
Nowadays, Hakim is a kudos of Modern Jazz and World Music circles. You may define his music as lirical jazz. He is continuously seeking new sounds(Magic sounds) and rythmical creations. Sounds full of magic and rhytms inspired by deep emotions – these are characterictic features of his art.



Claudio Spieler

Drummer - he graduated with honors from the music conservatory in Feldkirch (Austria). Concerts, inter alia, Hakim Ludin - Percussion Discussion, Tria Nadear, Folk Of Strings.









IMG 2276Renata Przemyk

Renata gra na naszej djembe z akacji podczas występów Akustik TRIO. Kilka słów z oficjalnej strony Renaty: Urodziła się 10 lutego 1966 roku w Bielsku-Białej, tam też mieszkała z rodzicami, babcią i braćmi, chodziła do szkoły podstawowej i liceum. Po maturze zamieszkała w Katowicach, gdzie studiowała i ukończyła bohemistykę na Uniwersytecie Śląskim. W 1994 roku zamieszkała w Krakowie, a pod koniec 1999 roku w podkrakowskiej wiosce, gdzie nieco odizolowana od świata komponuje, aranżuje własne piosenki i zajmuje się wychowaniem córeczki.







French band consisting 4 talented musicians : : Guy Constant, Fabrice Richard, Thibaut Chipot and Hervé Jacqmin.








Mamadou Diouf

Mamadou is a musician, djembist - he makes music related to ethnic culture, where instrumental parts are combined with vocals. He organises workshops about African culture and tradition.
This Senegalese has been living in Poland for more than 20 years . He sings in many languages, to mention Wolof, French and Polish. A collaborator with VooVoo band and with Włodzimierz Kiniorski. Co-author of the „African Snow” album, which in the year 2000 received the title of The Best Exclusive Release of World Entertainment Network. Moreover, the disc was called a hit of the BBC. Mamadou Diouf sings and plays Djembe in Tam Tam Project. He co-operates with Afro Beat’s Sound System. He’s co-author of the ”Yatka Matka”programme in Jazz Radio, and the entertainer of „Global Village” in the Hybrydy Club in Warsaw.




Słoma is the living legend of Polish folk/Etno scene. Moreover he’s a precursor of drumming in Poland. He co-operated, among others, with: Jack Kleyff, Antonina Krzysztoń, Izrael, Brygada Kryzys, Scena 80, Osjan, Orkiestra Razem and Orkiestra Na Zdrowie. He’s co-founder of the ”Bębnoluby” band, with which he performed, among others, on Percussion 2000, 2001, 2002, the Days of the Earth, Fryderyki 99’ and on the Music Festl in Jarocin. His music leads listeners across particular stages of the development of music- from archaic forms to the contemporary ones. Influences from Africa and Carribean Sea, as well as swinging reggae and jazzing trumpet are easily perceived in his music.