Series Djembe Standard

Instruments intended for the beginners, the intermediate, as well as for advanced players. Djembe standard are solidly produced, from the materials of high quality. They are characterized by euphony and nice timbre. Ideally suitable for playing in group, as drums performing the main parts of rhythm. Djembe Standard are perfectly balanced between price and quality.


Djembe Standard S

Instrument designed for the beginners. Relatively small size makes it easy to transport. Good relation between quality and price…

Diameter: 23.5-25.4cm / Height: 50-60 cm. They are characterized by euphony and nice timbre. There occurs delicate bass, which is an advantage for drummers practising s in urban concrete flats in a tower blocks.









Djembe Standard L

IInstrument intended for the intermediate drummers. It lets those with larger palms play quite conveniently. Despite pretty sizeable diameter, it’s still not too heavy for making a campfire and various types of trips pleasant…

Diameter: 27.5-29.5cm / Height: 50-60cm. It has good sound values. Bass is strong, slaps sharp and tones good. With these drums, we can really have a lot of fun.








Djembe Standard XL

instrument for the intermediate but demanding musicians. A power of the force. Even owners of the biggesthands will be satisfied. Without any problem whatsoever we’ll obtain each specific Djembe sound…

Diameter: 32.5-35cm/ Height: 55-56cm. Very wide range of tones. A knocking down bass, which may make the Earth trembling, tones and sharp slaps break through every drum squad . Sound is still nicely warm, and the timbre pleasant.