Series Djembe Pro

Instruments designed for advanced players or those who don’t agree to compromise. They are ideal while playing solo, in the open areas, at home, on a scene or in any other circumstances. They owe their best quality to the selection of materials: long-stored- wood, very dense and strong stringing and thin, specially tanned leather.

Characteristic feature of these instruments is also fact, that they have brass hoops, and special string with increased endurance for streaching. They’ve been previously initiated by playing, thanks to it they keep tune for a longer period of time.


Djembe Pro S

Djembe Pro S from the professional series proved very suitable for small events, bonfires and common playing with friends. Very good quality materials and mood associated with importing the drums guarantee instruments of the highest quality. Ideal for demanding beginners.


Diameter of the playing surface: 22 to 23.5 cm, height: 50 cm, wood: maple, pear, locust, ash, cherry, hornbeam.








Djembe Pro M

The drums are characterized by sharp slaps and beautiful bass. The size allows you to play together with a larger group of drummers. The diameter of the skins is suitable for larger hands. Intended for advanced musicians.


Diameter of the playing surface: 23.5 to 25.4 cm Height: 50-55 cm, wood: maple, pear, locust, cherry, hornbeam.










Djembe Pro L

Bigger and louder sister of Djembe M. Without any problem we obtain a full scale of sounds, specific for Djembe. This drum is compared to larger models of the Standard series.


Diameter: 27,5-29,5cm Height: 50-55cm Wood: maple, cherry, pear, ash, acacia, hornbeam.









Djembe Pro XL

Djembe from Pro Series with 30cm diameter can be unhesitatingly taken for a long concert tour- high quality materials and carefulness of production guarantee perfect sound and reliability in every situation. These high-class instruments are intended for professional musicians(look at portfolio) and advanced drummers.


Diameter:30-32.5cm Height:55-65cm Wood: hardbeam,clon, pear tree, ash, cherry tree










Djembe Pro XXL


Professionals’ choice (look at portfolio), perfect sound, deep bass, large scale of tones and amazing power of sound. Ideal at large concerts and drum parties. Djembe Pro 35cm is characterized by perfect sound and loudness.


Diameter:32.5-35cm Height 55-65cm Wood: clon, pear tree, Ash, cherry tree, hardbeam