Djembe Hardware

New in our offer. Classic djembe body strung on metals for quick tuning of the instrument.


Djembe Hardware M

IMG 7387mDiameter of the playing surface: 23.5 to 25.4, Height: 50cm
Diameter: 23.5 to 25.4 cm, height: 50 cm
The drums are characterized by sharp slaps and beautiful bass. The size allows you to play together with a larger group of drummers.

The diameter of the skins is suitable for larger hands, intended for advanced musicians. The drums are decorated by hand with intricate carvings or paintings.








Djembe Hardware XL

The drums are designed for moderately advanced but demanding musicians. Very powerful. Satisfactory even for players with very large hands. One can easily produce any characteristic of djembe sound. Carved or painted with ethnic patterns.

Very wide spectrum of sound. Stunning bass that puts even the earth vibrate, sound and sharp slaps the crowd in a group in the foreground. The sound still remain warm and pleasant.