At present, it’s the most universal and widespread ethnic instrument in the world.
Characteristic shape of a goblet permits to obtain an extremely wide spectrum of sounds: from low vibration of “bass”, through medial sounds “tones”, to very sharp “slaps”.


Series Djembe Standard

Instruments intended for the beginners, the intermediate, as well as for advanced players. Djembe standard are solidly produced, from the materials of high quality. They are characterized by euphony and nice timbre. Ideally suitable for playing in group, as drums performing the main parts of rhythm. Djembe Standard are perfectly balanced between price and quality.









Series Djembe Hardware

IMG 7387mNew in our offer. Classic djembe body strung on metals for quick tuning of the instrument.










Series Djembe Pro

Instruments designed for advanced players or those who don’t agree to compromise. They are ideal while playing solo, in the open areas, at home, on a scene or in any other circumstances. They owe their best quality to the selection of materials: long-stored- wood, very dense and strong stringing and thin, specially tanned leather.
Characteristic feature of these instruments is also fact, that they have brass hoops, and special string with increased endurance for streaching. They’ve been previously initiated by playing, thanks to it they keep tune for a longer period of time.