Drums we produce are being made with the highest degree of care, from one piece of wood, using special equipment and tools. Professional equipment and more than 20 years of experience in drums manufacturing, allow us to create products of the highest quality. Musical instruments we make, are characterized by very good acoustic features, longevity and aesthetics of production.




At present, it’s the most universal and widespread ethnic instrument in the world.

Characteristic shape of a goblet permits to obtain an extremely wide spectrum of sounds: from low vibration of “bass”, through medial sounds “tones”, to very sharp “slaps”.








They are characterized by pleasant timbre. Suit perfectly for playing with accompaniment of other instruments.
Full set of congos is composed from three different size drums: Tumb, Congo and Quinto. Despite of it, sets of two drums: Tumb and Congo, are often encountered.








In our offer has been made by Cuba Kalimba Radomski.









Bass drums

On request we dun-dun'y and bass drums ....